Why does Instagram keep crashing? Uncover the Reasons Behind the Glitches

why does Instagram keep crashing?

Experiencing frustration due to frequent Instagram crashes on your Android or iOS device?

Whether you’re dealing with iPhone-specific issues or general app crashes, it’s a common problem.

The reasons vary from using outdated app versions, not updating your device, to third-party app interference.

I personally encountered frequent Instagram crashes and decided to compile potential causes and solutions.

Learn how to resolve and navigate around Instagram crashes for a seamless posting experience

why does Instagram keep crashing
why does Instagram keep crashing
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Reasons why does Instagram keep crashing

Why Instagram Keeps Crashing: Possible Causes

  1. App Glitches as a Common Trigger for Instagram Crashes

Instances of Instagram crashing, whether on Android or iPhone, can be traced back to sporadic bugs or glitches within the application. Unexpected closures or freezing may occur without apparent reasons.

  1. Outdated Instagram App or Mobile OS as Culprits for Crashes

Running an outdated version of the app or having an obsolete mobile operating system is a recognized cause for Instagram crashes on both Android and iOS devices. When the app or the operating system is not updated, compatibility issues arise, leading to Instagram app crashes.

  1. Excessive Cache Accumulation Contributing to Instagram Crashes

The cache, which encompasses all data stored by the Instagram app on your mobile device, could be a potential factor for Instagram crashes on both iPhone and Android platforms. The accumulation of cache data can impede performance, becoming particularly relevant after an Instagram app update.

  1. Low Storage as a Shared Concern for Instagram Crashes

Inadequate storage space is a common issue for both Android and iOS users, possibly resulting in Instagram app freezing or lagging. This shortage of storage may contribute to the app’s recurrent crashes, negatively impacting device performance.

  1. Technical Hurdles on Instagram’s Side

At times, Instagram crashes may be attributed to server problems, substantial updates, downtimes, or other technical issues on Instagram’s end. This can affect users worldwide, necessitating patience until the platform becomes operational again. It’s essential to confirm whether the issue is widespread and not isolated to your device

Fixing Instagram crashing

  1.  Restart Your Phone

A universal remedy for electronic devices, as recommended by the official Instagram help page.

Begin troubleshooting Instagram crashes by restarting your Android device.

This simple action effectively eliminates temporary glitches, providing a refreshed device for a smoother Instagram experience.

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall Instagram

An approach endorsed by Instagram itself, uninstalling and then reinstalling the app offers a clean slate, resolving persistent issues causing Instagram crashes.

  1. Keep Instagram App and Mobile OS Updated

Ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app for optimal performance on both Android and iOS devices.

Regular updates deliver new features and address known issues, reducing the likelihood of app crashes.

This applies to your mobile operating system as well; check compatibility on the App Store or Google Play Store.

  1. Clear Instagram App Cache

For users grappling with Instagram app crashes, clearing the app’s cache is crucial.

This step resolves performance issues, minimizing the risk of crashes.

Find guidance on how to do this in a related Wikihow article.

  1. Monitor Free Storage

Maintaining 10-15% of free storage space on your smartphone is crucial to prevent Instagram crashes and enhance overall device performance.

If storage is insufficient, consider deleting unused apps or old files.

  1. Contact Instagram Support

If the issue persists, reach out to Instagram support to report a technical problem.

Alternatively, wait for their resolution if the problem lies on their end.

Even after exhausting these solutions, persistent Instagram crashes on your mobile device may disrupt your posting schedule, hinder timely engagement, and impact business activities on Instagram.


Encountering Instagram crashes can be exasperating, but employing these tailored troubleshooting strategies for Android, iOS, and web platforms can effectively resolve the underlying issues causing app malfunctions.

Keep your platform updated, optimize storage, and adhere to the suggested steps for a seamless Instagram experience.

In case of persistent issues, seeking assistance from Instagram support is a dependable option.

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