How to hide active status on Instagram: Take Control

How does hide active status on Instagram?

Many contemporary social media networks and messaging platforms now incorporate a function indicating users’ last online presence or activity, which can prove either advantageous or burdensome, contingent upon individual or business circumstances.

This modest yet exceedingly useful feature serves multiple purposes.

It assists in determining the likelihood of receiving an immediate response for urgent queries and facilitates easy communication with online contacts when initiating chats.

Nevertheless, this feature occasionally proves bothersome.

Those who prefer to browse social media discreetly may find the conspicuous green activity indicator compromising their anonymity.

For example, if one excuses themselves from a conversation citing bedtime, it could lead to discomfort when the platform reveals continued activity half an hour later.

Fortunately, akin to Meta’s other social media platforms, Instagram permits the deactivation of activity status, effectively concealing one’s online presence. This is a simple procedure that can be completed within minutes.

How to hide active status on Instagram

How to hide active status on Instagram

You have the option to deactivate your Instagram status through settings.

Disabling your activity status on Instagram is a straightforward process, though it does come with drawbacks.

However, fret not; should you have a change of heart, you can easily follow the steps in reverse to reactivate your activity status.

What are the implications of turning off your activity status? It’s quite straightforward: if you’re unable to view others’ online statuses, they won’t be able to see yours either.

Consequently, if you deactivate your activity status in the hopes of checking if your friends are online, you’ll be out of luck — everyone’s activity indicators will disappear from your interface.

Therefore, if you intended to discreetly monitor someone, you won’t be able to do so without revealing your online presence.

If you’ve resolved to conceal your activity status, here’s how to deactivate the feature:

  1. Launch the Instagram application on your iOS or Android device.
  2. Proceed to tap on your Profile icon situated in the bottom right corner.
  3. While on your profile page, tap on the three lines located in the top right corner of the screen.
  4. Select “Settings and privacy.”
  5. Scroll down until you locate “Messages and story replies.”
  6. Then, tap on “Show activity status.”
  7. Finally, tap on the toggle adjacent to “Activity Status” to deactivate your activity status.
How to hide active status on Instagram
How to hide active status on Instagram

Who has visibility into your online presence on Instagram?

If you’re worried about others detecting your online presence on Instagram but are hesitant to disable it, it’s essential to understand that this information isn’t as readily accessible as you may assume.

Your activity status isn’t openly visible to most users on Instagram.

Individuals casually browsing your profile or encountering your name in comment sections won’t have the means to discern whether you’re currently online.

The situation differs slightly for your followers. While they also cannot ascertain your last online activity, they might notice a green dot indicating your current online status, indicating active usage of the app.

However, your activity status on Instagram is exclusively visible to individuals with whom you’ve interacted — specifically, those you’ve exchanged direct messages with.

Consequently, someone must have engaged with you directly before the app displays your active status to them, which enhances privacy awareness regarding this feature.

How to know when someone is online on Instagram

Instagram provides straightforward methods to determine when your friends are active, primarily through online and activity statuses. Here’s how it functions:

Online Status: A green dot on a user’s profile signals their Instagram activity. Found in your Direct inbox.

Activity Status: Offers detailed insights in direct messages. Shows recent actions like “Active now.”

Activity Status: Can also display last login time and specific actions taken.

To identify if someone is currently online, watch for:

  • A green dot adjacent to their username and profile picture in your Direct inbox or elsewhere on Instagram, signifying their active status.
  • Their most recent activity status in your direct messages, offering insights into their recent engagements.


Disabling the visibility of your online status is just a single method to enhance the privacy of your account.

Another approach is to set your Instagram account to private, restricting access to your posts solely to those who follow you. This ensures that only users you’ve approved can view your photos and videos.

Additionally, you have the option to hide your Instagram photos by archiving them, making them visible only to you.

This process is simple and allows you to easily make them public again whenever you choose.

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