Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram?

Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram

Instagram didn’t prioritize messaging, but nowadays, it’s become essential for many users.

If you’re having trouble responding to messages, there could be a few reasons why, along with some potential solutions.

If you’re unable to reply to certain messages, it’s likely that the messaging feature hasn’t been fully rolled out to your area or account yet.

Additionally, issues with your internet connection can also prevent you from sending messages smoothly, disrupting your online experience.

why can't i reply to messages on Instagram
why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram
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Why can’t i reply to messages on Instagram

Curious as to why you’re having trouble responding to messages on Instagram? Let’s explore the issue and provide some insights. Several factors could be contributing, but let’s focus on the most common and easily fixable ones:

  1. Outdated Instagram App: App updates bring new features and fix bugs. Neglecting updates may lead to messaging issues.
  2. Geographical Rollout: New features may not be available in all regions simultaneously. If you can’t reply to specific messages, it might be due to regional limitations.
  3. Internet Connectivity: A slow or unstable internet connection can disrupt Instagram features, including messaging. Try connecting to a more stable network.
  4. Temporary Bugs: Occasionally, glitches occur on Instagram’s end, which may resolve over time. Rebooting your device or logging out and back in could help.
  5. App Cache Troubles: Accumulated app cache can cause various Instagram features to malfunction intermittently. Regularly clearing the cache may alleviate these issues.

How to Fix My Instagram Messages? How To Fix Replying Message Issue On Instagram?

Below are some strategies to address the problem of being unable to reply to messages on Instagram:

Clear Cache:

Removing Instagram’s cache can help eliminate any data causing disruptions in the app’s performance. It’s recommended to do this regularly. On Android:

  • Locate the Instagram app on your phone’s home screen.
  • Access “App info.”
  • Choose “Storage usage.”
  • Select “Clear cache.”

On iOS devices, clearing the cache isn’t directly available. Instead, you can delete and reinstall the Instagram app to clear the cache on your iPhone.

Internet Connection Issues

Slow internet can affect Instagram’s functionality. Begin by checking your internet speed, then try these solutions:

    • Test your internet speed using alternative platforms or tools like Google’s internet speed testing.
    • If issues are detected, switch between cellular data and Wi-Fi, or briefly enable airplane mode.


Instagram experiences high demand at times, leading to service outages. Server issues might be why you can’t reply to messages. Check for outages on platforms like downdetector.com or Twitter, and if there’s an outage, patience is key.

Update the App

Instagram updates improve performance. If you’re not using the latest version, this could be the problem. Keep the app updated whenever new versions are available.

Contact Support

If previous methods don’t work, reach out to Instagram’s support team:

    • Go to the “Settings & Privacy” section of your Instagram account.
    • Tap “Help” in the “More info and support” section.
    • Choose “Report a Problem” and describe the issue. If the “reply to specific message” option is missing, request it. If you have the option but can’t use it, report the problem.

Log In Again

Sometimes, logging out and back in can resolve issues. Here’s how:

    • Tap your Instagram profile picture.
    • Access the three-bar icon.
    • Go to “Settings & Privacy.”
    • Tap “Logout.”
    • Close the app, reopen it, and log in with your credentials.

Reinstall the App:

Reinstalling Instagram can fix temporary glitches and remove problematic files, potentially improving performance. Uninstall the app and reinstall it to try this solution.

Why can’t I see some replies on Instagram?

Messages that might be considered inappropriate, unwelcome, spam-like, or filtered based on your Hidden Words settings will be placed in a separate folder known as Hidden Requests.
Notifications will not be sent for messages stored in this folder.
To view these messages, click on the icon positioned at the top right corner of your Feed, then select “Requests” in the upper right, and finally opt for “Hidden Requests.

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