How to save music on Instagram: Unlock the Groove

How do you save music on Instagram?

Ever since their introduction, Instagram Reels have become a fantastic outlet for companies and creators to showcase their creativity and expand their audience.

The versatility of Reels allows you to record as a single stream or a collection of clips, whether filmed within the app or externally.

However, mastering the art of saving music on IG is essential, as you can leverage existing audio on the platform.

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Learn How To Save Music on IG
Learn How To Save Music on IG
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Delve into the world of audio features on Instagram – learn how to save music on IG and elevate your content creation game

Learn How To Save Music on IG

Instagram Reels deliver a captivating and high-quality aesthetic, with the ability to enhance the video’s pace and apply various filters for an intricate result.

However, the platform encourages experimentation and practice to fully grasp its potential.

With shrinking attention spans, short-form videos gained popularity, led by TikTok. Instagram responded by introducing Reels, acknowledging the shift in user preferences.

Brands, creators, and influencers now need to adapt, as the Instagram algorithm favors Reels over static photos, offering a dynamic platform for engaging consumers.

Creating impactful videos ranging from 15 to 90 seconds is accessible to everyone on Instagram Reels.

You don’t need advanced video skills, as features like timers and countdowns simplify the editing process.

The flexibility extends to adding text, sound, and utilizing pre-existing music collections, resulting in compelling mini-movies.

The transition options further enhance creativity, allowing for seamless or surprising shifts between clips.

To maximize the music feature, it’s essential to learn how to save music on IG and incorporate it effectively into your Reels.

How to Save Songs on Instagram reel


  • Saving audio from Instagram Reels is a straightforward process that doesn’t require third-party apps.
  • Surprisingly, you can save music directly from any Instagram Reel using the Instagram app itself.
  • Before starting, ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram app.

Steps to Save Audio:

a. Visit the Instagram Reel with the desired audio:

  • Navigate to the specific Instagram Reel that contains the music you want to save.

b. Select the audio title or song title:

  • Find the audio title or song title displayed below the author’s profile.

c. Access the audio page:

  • Clicking on the name of the audio will take you to a dedicated audio page that lists all Reels using the soundtrack.

d. Save the audio:

  • On the audio page, locate the ‘Save Audio’ option at the top.
  • Select the ‘Save Audio’ button to save the sound exclusively within the Instagram app.

Benefits of Saving Audio:

  • This simple process allows you to conveniently store your favorite audio within the app.
  • The ‘Save Audio’ feature is a handy tool for later use and creative content development.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly save music from Instagram Reels using the Instagram app

How to save music on Instagram

This Is How To Find Saved Music on Instagram

You’ve successfully learned how to save music on Instagram using an audio browser.

If you’re wondering where it is or if you misplaced it, don’t worry—we can guide you in finding it.

Here’s how to locate saved audio on Instagram:

  1. Ensure your app is updated to the latest version.
  2. Tap the profile tab at the bottom-right corner of the Instagram app.
  3. Access “Saved” by tapping the Menu button in the top-right corner.
  4. Open the “Audio” tab under Saved to find your saved audio.

Once in the “Audio” tab, you can tap the Play button next to the desired audio to listen.

If you wish to share the audio or keep it for later, tap the audio title to access the page and use the share icon.

You can send the audio via DM by tapping the “paper plane icon.”

Alternatively, to find saved music on Instagram, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Reels section of Instagram.
  2. Click on the camera button.
  3. Select the musical symbol to access the “Saved” tab with all your saved audio.
  4. Choose “Saved audio” from the dropdown menu by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner.

It’s important to note that saving audio on Instagram doesn’t mean downloading it to your iPhone or Android; rather, it’s saved within the Instagram app.

Why Can’t I Save Songs on Instagram?

It has been observed that the issue at hand is specific to a particular account category, namely Business Accounts.

In the past, Instagram only had two account categories: Business and Personal.

However, with the introduction of Instagram Reels, a new profile variant called the Creators Account has also been launched.

If you have a business profile or recently switched to a business account, you may encounter difficulty storing audio on Instagram Reels.

Surprisingly, the Instagram app has inexplicably limited the usage of several Reels features for Business accounts.

To locate the additional ‘Saved’ folder, you can check under the ‘Music’ option. However, currently, you cannot directly save a song from the Music function.

To create your distinct ‘Saved’ music folder, you will need to employ an alternative method.


Engaging video content is a key driver for increased usage on Instagram.

The platform currently prioritizes Reels, encouraging users to spend more time, making it an advantageous feature for content creators to consider.

However, among various social media platforms, Instagram Reels boast the highest average interaction rate.

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