How to comment gif on Instagram

How does one comment gif on Instagram?

Instagram, a prominent social media platform, has entranced the digital sphere through its distinctive fusion of visual narratives, community participation, and imaginative expression.

Within the array of content users leverage to engage and distinguish themselves, GIFs have surfaced as a widely embraced, dynamic mode of conveying emotions, reactions, and concepts.

Irrespective of whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned user on Instagram, this detailed, step-by-step manual serves as a guide to adeptly incorporating GIF comments, infusing your interactions with livelier and more expressive engagement.

Comment With A GIF On Instagram

The introduction of GIFs in comments seemed like a natural progression for Instagram, having already been a feature in Stories.

Anticipated to inject a breath of fresh air into Instagram’s comment section, this addition aims to foster more playful interactions among users, infusing conversations with humor.

Incorporating GIFs in comments is poised to make user responses more noticeable.

However, the indiscriminate use of GIFs has sparked concerns among some Instagram users.

Reports suggest that this new feature has led to a surge in meaningless GIFs flooding the comment section, causing clutter and hindering seamless browsing.

Yet, this is an inherent risk associated with GIFs, and it remains uncertain if Instagram can effectively counteract GIF spamming.

Simultaneously, alongside GIFs, Instagram introduced several new features in the initial weeks of 2023.

Notably, ‘Quiet Mode’ emerged, enabling users to halt notifications and automate responses to direct messages.

Another feature allows users to mark recommended posts as ‘Not Interested,’ preventing similar content from appearing in their feed.

How to comment gif on Instagram: Step-by-Step Guide

Here’s the process to comment using a GIF on Instagram posts, applicable for both iPhone and Android apps.

Step 1: Launch Instagram on your mobile device.

Step 2: Click on the comment button below a post.

Locate the GIF icon situated on the right-hand side.

Step 3: Explore the assortment of suggested GIFs available on Instagram. Alternatively, utilize the integrated GIPHY search bar to find your preferred GIF.

Step 4: Upon discovering the desired GIF, tap on it.

We recommend verifying the selected GIF before posting your comment. Once tapped, the GIF is promptly sent as a comment without any additional prompts

comment with a gif on Instagram
comment with a gif on Instagram
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Delete a comment with a gif on Instagram

If you mistakenly choose the wrong GIF for an Instagram comment, editing it isn’t an option.

However, you can swiftly rectify this by deleting the comment and posting a new one with the correct GIF. Here’s how:

Step 1: Press and hold the comment containing the incorrect GIF.

Step 2: Select the delete button. That’s all.

Once the comment is deleted, you can post a new one, ensuring you choose the appropriate GIF.

That covers everything you need to know about adding GIFs as comments under posts. For further inquiries, refer to the FAQ section below.

Why should one use GIF on Instagram?

Here are a few motivations behind using GIFs on Instagram.

Exploring Creative GIF Usage

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, creativity knows no bounds.

As you embark on using GIFs for comments on Instagram, let’s explore their versatile applications further.

Mastering the effective use of GIFs not only enriches your interactions but also injects your online presence with your distinctive identity.

Amplifying Reactions

Consider a friend posting a mesmerizing travel photo capturing a breathtaking sunset.

While a simple ‘Wow!’ might convey your admiration, incorporating a GIF of clapping hands or a dancing character intensifies the enthusiasm.

Choosing a GIF that visually magnifies your reaction enhances the impact of your response.

Injecting Humor

Humor serves as a universal language that unites people. Responding to a hilarious meme or a witty comment with an equally amusing GIF heightens the comedic element.

Whether it’s a GIF of a laughing animal, a funny dance move, or a comical movie scene, a well-chosen GIF can turn a chuckle into a hearty laugh, fostering stronger connections with your audience.

Conveying Emotions

On Instagram, emotions hold significant sway. When a friend shares joy over a personal achievement, a GIF of fireworks, confetti, or a cheering crowd effectively shares your excitement.

These dynamic visuals evoke a sense of celebration and togetherness, elevating the impact of your engagement.

Fostering Connections

Beyond reactions and humor, GIFs can act as excellent conversation starters to build connections.

Responding with a relatable GIF—expressing shared interests, hobbies, or quirks—cultivates empathy.

These relatable interactions often lead to deeper conversations and a stronger sense of community.

Reflecting Your Identity

Your choice of GIFs acts as a canvas to showcase your personality.

Are you known for your passion for classic films? A GIF referencing an iconic movie scene can become your signature.

Does your brand exude positivity? Utilize joyful and optimistic GIFs.

Through these visual selections, you’re not just communicating but inviting others to understand you better.

Enriching Storytelling

Every interaction on Instagram contributes to your digital narrative.

GIFs serve as potent storytelling tools that add depth to your comments.

For instance, if a friend shares about overcoming challenges, a GIF portraying a journey from struggle to success amplifies your supportive comment.

Cultural References and Nostalgia

GIFs possess the ability to evoke nostalgia and tap into cultural references.

Sharing a GIF from a beloved TV show, movie, or meme relevant to the conversation triggers recognition and fond memories among your audience, fostering camaraderie.

Contextual Relevance

While GIFs are enjoyable, their use should maintain contextual relevance.

Just as you wouldn’t use a meme that doesn’t fit the topic, ensure the GIF aligns with the conversation.

The aim is to enhance rather than overshadow the essence of your comment.


While memes bring entertainment to Instagram, the comment section amplifies the fun.

Witnessing people’s reactions to memes is genuinely amusing. And now, with the addition of GIFs, the enjoyment is set to soar.

Though, there’s a slight concern about the comment section being flooded with GIFs, making scrolling a tad tiresome.

Yet, Instagram users thrive on creativity, so that shouldn’t pose a significant issue!

The incorporation of GIFs into your Instagram comments introduces an inventive mode of communication, fostering engagement while injecting creativity into interactions.

This comprehensive guide has equipped you with insights into commenting with GIFs on Instagram, exploring the platform’s GIF library, incorporating personalized GIFs, and employing them strategically to enrich your comments.

By embracing the dynamic realm of GIFs, you can elevate your Instagram conversations into emotionally charged exchanges.

So, let your imagination run wild and observe as your Instagram comments evolve into vivid reflections of your distinct personality

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