How to Add Music to Your Instagram Notes: Here’s How To Do It

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Notes:

Music has a unique ability to convey emotions beyond words.

That’s why enhancing your Instagram Notes with music can make them more captivating.

Whether you’re sharing personal updates or starting conversations, adding music adds depth and character to your message.

Recently, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Instagram users can now incorporate 30-second music clips into their Instagram Notes.

Zuckerberg shared the news on his Meta Channel on Instagram, stating, “You can now insert 30-second clips of your favorite songs into Instagram Notes.

An infographic showing the steps needed when adding music to your Instagram notes
An infographic showing the steps needed when adding music to your Instagram notes

How to Add Music to Your Instagram Notes

Many people are curious about how to incorporate music into Instagram Notes.

With the latest Instagram update, it’s now possible to add songs to your Notes.

If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram Notes, it allows you to share brief posts with specific people who can respond like messages.

Whether you’re already familiar with using Instagram Notes or not, the process of adding music is straightforward. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and navigate to your messages.
  2. Tap the “+” icon located on your profile picture above your messages.
  3. Select the music icon.
  4. Search for the desired song by genre, title, or artist.
  5. Once you find a song you like, tap it to preview.
  6. When you’re satisfied with your choice, confirm by tapping the checkmark icon in the corner.
  7. Compose your note and click “Share.” The music will play when someone views your note.
how to add music to your Instagram notes
how to add music to your Instagram notes
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That’s all there is to it! Adding a song to your Instagram notes is as simple as that.

What Songs Can You Use on Instagram Notes?

You have the freedom to select any song from the Instagram music collection.

This library encompasses a range of genres, including rock, pop, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, and more.

If you have a particular artist or song in mind, you can also search for them.

It’s important to note that Instagram doesn’t allow you to use music from your device’s own library.

What Songs Can You Use
Instagram music library
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However, considering the extensive selection available in their library, finding a suitable song to convey your message should not be a concern.

Taking Your Notes Game to a New Level

If you’ve been using notes to initiate discussions with your friends, introducing music can elevate your interactions to a higher level.

The addition of music provides you with additional tools to create engaging conversation starters.

If you haven’t used notes previously, now is an excellent opportunity to give it a try.

Instagram Launches Broadcast Channels

Instagram has introduced the worldwide availability of the broadcast channels feature.

This feature, as stated by the photo-sharing platform, offers millions of creators a fresh avenue to directly interact with their followers on a large scale.

To facilitate creators in fostering stronger connections with their followers, Instagram initiated testing of broadcast channels back in February.

These channels are designed as public, one-to-many messaging tools that enable creators to invite all of their followers and share updates in the form of text, videos, and photos.

Broadcast Channels
Instagram Broadcast Channels
source : techcrunch


Additionally, creators have the option to use voice notes to convey their latest updates and behind-the-scenes moments, as per Meta’s official statement.

How To Join A Broadcast Channel On Instagram?

You can reach the broadcast channel link through a creator’s Story sticker, the link that’s affixed to their Instagram profile, or through a one-time notification sent to existing followers when a creator initiates a new channel.

Simply tap “Join broadcast channel.” If you’re not already following the creator, you’ll receive a prompt to do so.

Once you’ve joined the channel, you’ll have the ability to react to content and participate in polls, but you won’t be able to send messages.

Posting A Song As Your Instagram Status

To utilize this feature, users may initially need to ensure that their Instagram app is updated to the latest version.

Then, they should navigate to the Chats (or DMs) section and tap the ‘+’ symbol located next to their profile picture at the top of the list.

Alongside the familiar ‘Share a thought…’ prompt, users will now also spot a music note icon.

Simply tap this icon, choose a song, add a caption if desired, and click ‘Share.’

Just like with Stories, Instagram users have the option to select who can view their Notes.

During sharing, they’ll see the choice to share the status with ‘Followers you follow back’ or ‘Close Friends’ exclusively.

Friends won’t receive notifications about the Notes update, but they’ll find it at the top of their own Chat pages on mobile.

It’s important to note that users can post only one Note at a time, and any new Notes shared within 24 hours of a previous one will replace the earlier post.

While Instagram’s Notes feature has a nostalgic appeal for adult users, it’s more frequently used by teenagers, as per The Verge.

It has already been a hub for viral trends, and Meta seems to have plans for further development.

The company is reportedly introducing translations for Instagram Notes as well.

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