How to add collaborator on Instagram after posting

How does one  add a  collaborator on Instagram after posting?

If you’re interested in learning how to include a collaborator in your Instagram posts, this guide is designed for you.

Instagram, a widely used social media platform, witnesses the daily posting of millions of photos and videos.

However, given the abundance of content, expanding your reach to new audiences has become increasingly challenging.

The introduction of Instagram’s latest collaboration feature can be a valuable tool to enhance your engagement and broaden your reach.

This feature allows you to collaboratively create content with another user, tapping into the combined audience of both accounts.

This article will walk you through the entire process of adding a collaborator to your Instagram post, covering steps both before and after the post is published.

How to add collaborator on Instagram after posting
How to add collaborator on Instagram after posting
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How to add collaborator on Instagram after posting

The Instagram Collaboration feature allows you to display posts on the partnered pages, reaching all followers from both accounts.

Presently, there isn’t a method to incorporate collaborators into your Instagram post, video, or reel after it has been shared.

The option to invite a collaborator is only available before you click the “Share” button.

Nevertheless, there are alternative approaches that can offer you a comparable level of reach and engagement to what you would achieve through the collaboration feature.

Ask the collaborator to repost on his feed

One simple method to increase the exposure of your content after it’s been shared is to request the individual you want to collaborate with to repost your photo, video, or reel on their account and mention/tag you.

Even though you can’t formally include a collaborator post-sharing, you can still leverage their audience for increased visibility.

Tag the collaborator in the post and the caption

An alternative approach is to mention the collaborator in your post, whether it’s a reel or a feed post.

This allows you to divert a portion of your audience to your collaborator’s page.

Even though the addition of collaborators after posting Instagram content is not possible, utilizing tags can enhance the visibility of your content.

This strategy works particularly well when you have a substantial following, and the individual you’re tagging has a moderate number of followers.

Make the collaborator share the post on the story

In addition to the previously mentioned strategies, it’s advisable to request the collaborator to share the post in their story.

This way, you can divert some of their audience’s attention to your content, enhancing its reach.

Even though adding collaborators on Instagram after posting may not be feasible, having them share the post ensures visibility among their followers.

If none of the aforementioned methods suit your specific requirements, the last option is to delete the original post, create a new one, and invite the desired account as a collaborator before sharing.

While the current Instagram functionality doesn’t permit adding collaborators after posting, it’s worth noting that such features may evolve in the future. We will keep you informed if any updates allow for this capability.

How to create an Instagram Collab post for a photo post

Here is the process for inviting collaborators on Instagram:

  1. Tap the “New Post” button in your Instagram app.
  2. Pick the photo(s) you want from your phone’s gallery.
  3. Press the right arrow key to move to the next screen.
  4. Apply filters and make edits if necessary.
  5. Select the “Tag People” option.
How to create an Instagram Collab post for a photo post
How to create an Instagram Collab post for a photo post

Why You Should Use Collab Posts on Instagram?

Here are several reasons why engaging in collaborative posts on Instagram can be advantageous:

Wider Reach

Sharing collaborative posts with another user allows you to extend your reach to both your own audience and that of your collaborator. Tagging each other ensures that the content appears in both of your feeds, exposing it to the combined followers. This provides an effortless method to expand your audience by showcasing your content to people who follow your collaborator but not yet you.

Mutual Expertise

Teaming up with someone who possesses complementary skills or knowledge can enhance the quality of your content. Collaborating allows for the exchange of strengths and experiences. For instance, a fashion account collaborating with a photographer enables the presentation of outstanding content and styling.

Relationship Development

Strategic collaborations enable networking and the establishment of relationships with relevant influencers or brands within your industry. Collaborating demonstrates effective teamwork and may lead to future growth opportunities, fostering significant connections.

Heightened Engagement

When executed effectively, a collaborative post tends to generate more engagement than an average post. With both audiences actively involved and tagged, you’re likely to see increased comments, likes, and overall social activity. The content becomes more appealing to a broader audience.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Participating in collaborations and being tagged in posts raises awareness for your brand, exposing it to new audiences. Your brand name and content become visible in the feeds of your collaborator’s followers, placing you on their radar.


Incorporating collaborators into your Instagram content can be an effective means to enhance your reach, foster relationships, and produce more compelling content – even if you’ve already shared your post.

While Instagram doesn’t permit the formal addition of collaborators post-publication, the methods we’ve discussed provide practical workarounds for this limitation.

By modifying your posts to include a collaborator tag, you ensure that they receive due credit for the content.

Starting new posts as collaborations is ideal for pre-planned partnerships.

Utilizing manual tagging in captions and comments replicates the visual effect of an official collaboration.

The essential aspect is identifying accounts with audiences and content that complement your own.

Through strategic collaboration, you can expose your content to new followers, leverage shared expertise, and make your posts stand out.

While collaborations require effort, they represent a impactful way to maximize Instagram’s potential.

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